PPG introduces an industry first in environmentally friendly primer technology

Sustainability has long been an underlying principle of PPG and today it has demonstrated its continuing commitment to helping the environment with the launch of DP3000 – Enviro Primer Surfacer.

This innovative new primer is the first ever refinish product to incorporate recycled PET plastic flakes as raw material.

"PPG products are used in bodyshops all over the world and we feel we have a responsibility to do all we can to reduce their impact on the environment. We have developed DP3000 using the most advanced technology to provide painters with an environmentally sustainable product without compromising on performance or quality of repair." says Rorie Dempster, EMEA product manager at PPG.

By recycling and utilising PET plastic, the type commonly found in carbonated drinks bottles and food packets, PPG is helping to reduce the amount of landfill waste. The development of DP3000 is also closely aligned with OEM targets to increase the percentage of recycled materials used in car manufacture.

In addition, the primer offers a range of enhanced features and benefits to boost bodyshop profitability. Providing a perfect 'right first time' repair, DP3000 is quick and easy to apply with superb flow characteristics and exceptional sag resistance, resulting in a consistent, smooth finish. Meanwhile, the primer's easy-to-sand properties enables bodyshops to save even more time and reduce labour costs.

DP3000 is available in three GREYMATIC shades and with a dedicated hardener. Mild and non-aggressive, the primer can be used over even the most sensitive OEM substrates, providing a high quality and durable finish every time.

Environmentally friendly but without compromising on performance, DP3000 is the primer of choice for repairers. 

GREYMATIC ia a trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.