New Improved D8186 Waterborne Clearcoat

Introducing the new, improved clearcoat system from PPG. Innovation in waterborne technology.

D8186 Waterborne Clearcoat builds on the market leading waterborne basecoat technology delivered with ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat and confirms the commitment of PPG to meet the highest demands of the OEM's and bodyshops.

Easy to use, D8186 Waterborne Clearcoat provides a perfect match to OEM finishes. A simple and easy one-visit application optimises the process time and gives an excellent gloss finish.

New and Improved

  • D8221/E0.5  Waterborne Clearcoat Hardener
  • D8448/E1    Waterborne Clearcoat Thinner

The new hardener and thinner have been specially developed to work with D8186 Waterborne Clearcoat and improve the speed of application and final appearance of the clearcoat.

Painters will find that a superb gloss finish is achievable on all types of repair whilst still delivering excellent fade-out capability and good polishing performance.

New D8186 Waterborne Clearcoat, together with Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat toners and D8012 Waterborne Epoxy Primer completes the PPG waterborne system for bodyshops.

PPG's waterborne coatings system is an efficient solution for lowering VOC emissions, improving air quality and the environment. Each product in the waterborne system offers significant solvent emission savings when compared to a typical solventborne product.

  • D8012 Waterborne Epoxy Primer provides a 88% reduction
  • Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat a 93% reduction
  • D8186 Waterborne Clearcoat a 74% reduction

This results in a cumulative saving of 87% across the full system.

The PPG complete waterborne system – offering outstanding OEM solutions

Combining ease of application with a superb gloss finish, this complete waterborne offer delivers a perfect match to OEM finishes.


ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.