D8173 – NEW Premium UHS Clearcoat

Clearly the most advanced clearcoat yet.

Developed using the most advanced clearcoat technology available, D8173 Premium UHS Clearcoat delivers a high quality gloss finish whilst still being very quick and easy to use. Designed to be used with a single hardener it is an ideal choice for any body shop requiring a compact, profitable solution.

D8173 Premium UHS Clearcoat is smooth flowing from the gun and has excellent after-bake hardness thus allowing the painter to achieve quick and easy rectification. A water white appearance in the can improves the fade out process and thus minimizes the panel to panel effect.

Fast drying options are also supported as D8173 Premium UHS Clearcoat can be used with an accelerated thinner (D8714) without compromising on pot life. Even large areas can be completed quickly and easily with only a 15 minute bake.

D8173 Premium UHS Clearcoat is yet another example of PPG's commitment to help bodyshops improve profitability by delivering products that are an accurate match to any high quality OEM gloss finish, are easy to use and easy to sell.