The computer paint mixing system that continues to evolve

Designed by industry experts PPG Industries, TouchMix IV is the new computerised paint mixing system produced specifically for the bodyshop environment.

At PPG Industries we lead the way in the Global Automotive Refinish market. We use our extensive industry and OEM knowledge combined with our expertise to design bespoke market leading solutions. Solutions that help our distributors and bodyshops achieve profitability and growth.  

Always using the latest electronic component technology we design solutions that are  professional  and cutting edge. TouchMix IV is our premium computer solution that introduces a number of industry firsts and is a completely touchscreen based system that delivers more value and features. 

This unique touch device improves work flow, leaves less room for error, reduces paint waste, provides more connectivity options to suit all bodyshop operations, is more robust, and is fully compliant to European Standards (ATEX (II 3 G EEx nA nL [nL] IIB T4)).

Understanding the needs of our customers, in TouchMix IV we have delivered a market leading product that enables our distributors and bodyshops to meet the highest demands of the motor manufactures providing an excellence and quality in finish and repair. 

  • The TouchMix IV system easily sits alongside the RAPIDMATCH X-5 spectrophotometer and PAINTMANAGER® program software making this an invaluable addition to PPG Industries suite of Colour IT solutions.
  • Incorporating a new intuitive and precise 15 inch touch screen designed with ease of use in mind to improve efficiency and productivity. The unit it is compact and wall-mountable, Wi-Fi enabled, robust and is the first hardware solution to eliminate the need for CD's by directly connecting to the Internet.
  • It can easily be installed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network enabling high productivity and efficiency control of the whole paint management process and is fully connectable to bodyshop management software programmes.
  • More resistant – fully compliant with ATEX Certification (ATEX (II 3 G EEx nA nL [nL] IIB T4)) the unit has been designed to be used in hazardous areas and is completely explosion proof.
  • Forward thinking – built with 60 % less components than previous versions and with very few movable parts this is also the first hardware solution for the mixing room without any physical media such as CD or DVD readers.

Designed with outstanding quality and productivity in mind the new TouchMix IV solution underlines our commitment to our partners to bring to market products that are flexible, cost effective, intuitive, and easy to use.


PAINTMANAGER® and TOUCHMIX® are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

RAPIDMATCH X-5 is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.