D8430 Spot Blender and D8731 Aerosol Spot Blender

Very fast and flexible Spot Blender

PPG has developed this new Spot Blender using the most advanced technology applied in this segment to enhance the PPG paint system.

PPG is committed to developing premium quality and easy to use products to ensure customer satisfaction.

PPG is a leading supplier to the OE manufacturers which explains their unique understanding and experience of the type of finishes found on cars throughout the world. It enables them to produce the market leading refinish products that permit OE finishes to be repaired quickly and easily, and to the highest standard.

The new products, D8430 and D8731, will provide bodyshops with a user friendly Spot Blender which also delivers a market leading final appearance. It melts away easily over the repair edge, and with very little haze on drying only minimal polishing is needed. Together with a fast flash off, these benefits ensure an extremely fast fadeout process time and a high quality finish - without any trace of a repair edge.

Another advantage of this new Spot Blender is its availability in both a can and aerosol format. This delivers maximum flexibility whatever the size of the repair: using a spraygun provides the optimum control over larger areas and the aerosol version is instantly accessible, and removes wastage and the need to clean equipment.

This new Spot Blender is the best choice for ease of use and high quality appearance. It is very fast and flexible, offering the painter confidence in their work, and the excellent final appearance ensures a superior finish for any OEM repair.


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