The new look for the leading brand.

ENVIROBASE® High Performance paint system.

The best brand deserves the best look: as Waterborne Technology leaders in the Industry, the branding of ENVIROBASE® High Performance paint system has been updated.

The same premium quality and reliable products in a brand new packaging with an original look featuring:

  • New logo: using the strength of the characteristic PPG blue logo alongside a refreshed Envirobase High Performance paint system logo means higher recognition of the brand.
  • New colourful design: a structured and dynamic graphic emphasizes innovation, colour and technology. It uses molecular-shaped elements, reminding that PPG is the global leader in coating and amongst the most renown and appreciated chemistry company.


1. The strength of the PPG logo: Global Coating Leader and Refinish brand excellence


2. Structured molecules shapes: PPG is a main chemical company delivering premium formulations for automotive and refinish coatings


3. Combining the elements: Structured but dynamic, fresh but colourful: The new look for the leading brand!



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