DELFLEET ONE® RAL9006 Aluminium Ready Mix

Product Description

DELFLEET ONE® RAL9006 Aluminium Ready Mix is a 2-pack polyurethane topcoat, formulated to get an optimal application of silver colours, available in 5 and 20l.

  • Simple 2 wet coats application process – higher flow, less process times
  • Creation of full DG Metallic colour palette possible, by tinting F8050-9006  with up to 10% Delfleet One toners

Product Code: F8050-9006

23 tinters available with 5 "Trace" tinters

F8050-9006 can be tinted with up to 10% of Delfleet One toners.


  • F7000    White  
  • F7010    Trace White  
  • F7100    Red Shade Yellow  
  • F7101    Bright Yellow  
  • F7102    Oxide Yellow 
  • F7104    Green Shade Yellow  
  • F7112    Trade Oxide Yellow  
  • F7200    Orange  
  • F7300    Bright Red  
  • F7301    Oxide Red  
  • F7302    Magenta  
  • F7311    Trade Oxide Red  


  • F7400    Violet  
  • F7401    Transparent Bordeaux  
  • F7402    Magenta Red Shade  
  • F7500    Mid Shade Blue  
  • F7501    Organic Blue  
  • F7502    Indigo Blue  
  • F7511    Trade Blue  
  • F7600    Mediam Green  
  • F7900    Black  
  • F7901    Blue Black  
  • F7911    Trade Black 

To be used with following Ancillaries:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  • F8254/E5      UHS Hardener – Slow
  • F8255/E5      UHS Hardener – Medium


  • F8364/E5           UHS Thinner – Slow
  • F8365/E5/E1      UHS Thinner – Medium
  • F8366/E5           UHS Thinner – Fast



Application Summary

F8050-9006 is applied in a simple 2 coats single stage process, leading to improved flow and savings in process time.

















Application process - Set up

Conventional, Pressure Pot or Air Assisted Airless application.

Mixing by volume

RAL9006 Aluminium Ready Mix

F825x UHS hardener

F836x UHS Slow/Medium/Fast thinner


1 vol

1 vol

1,5 vol 


Potlife at 20°C

3 hours


Spray viscosity at 20°C 

17-18 seconds DIN4


Spraygun Sizes

1,4-1,5 mm.



Number of Coats (2 coats)

1 Full coat + 1 Full coat  

Flash-Off (2 coats)

Between coats

Before bake


10-15 minutes

15-20 minutes


Drying times

20°C Through dry

60ºC Bake


24 hours

30 min


 For additional information, consult technical data sheet RLD9006.



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